Memory Care Unit

Laurie Care Center has a special Memory Care Unit (MCU). The unit has 18 beds and requires a code for entering and exiting. The Memory Care Unit is designed for higher functioning residents with Alzheimer’s or dementia.

The Memory Care Unit has a higher ratio of staff to residents to help meet the special needs of the residents. We have a sensory room that stimulates the sensations and also helps relax those with dementia. We also have a fenced in patio where residents can get some fresh air with staff supervision. The Memory Care Unit is a secure unit that helps to reduce risks of wandering. Group activities and 1 on 1 activities are done on the Memory Care Unit. Residents are also invited to some of the activities held for residents of the entire facility as appropriate.

If your loved one resides in the Memory Care Unit we encourage you to make their rooms as homelike as possible. This includes pictures on the walls, a comforter set for a twin size bed, a favorite chair etc. Family pictures are helpful to make them feel comfortable and happy.

Laurie Care Center also has a wander prevention device that is used in the general population for people who are confused and not safe to go outside unattended but may not qualify to be on the Memory Care Unit. The staff at Laurie Care Center understands that each resident has individual needs and we strive to meet them in a caring, compassionate way. If you have any questions please call Amber Honeyfield at (573) 207-8783.